Wish List

If you want to do something to help:
(Sign ups for stuff like this will be available on the Helping Hands site. You can donate to a paypal account set up by Carrie (carrie.coker AT gmail.com) too, if you're not local but would like to help buy food and off-set medical expenses/lack of salary for a few months.)
  • Light house cleaning (dishes, vacuuming) post-op and during chemo
  • Bring/send food!  Favorite restaurants: Harry’s Pig, Golden Sun, Barberitos, Ted’s, DePalma’s, Transmet, TheGrit, Ike and Jane’s, Jittery Joe’s. I'll be eating vegetarian, but don't cater just to me! Other folks helping me out will benefit from any kind of food! 
  • Make food!  I would especially appreciate casseroles, crock pot meals, delicious soups, and homemade bread.
  • Ice cream
  • Physical help post-surgery (this is a maybe)
  • Possibly help to and from various doctor's appointments (good times.)
  • Go with me to chemo treatments - I know you want to.

If you’d like to send me something or make me something:

  • Amazon gift card
  • Sephora gift card
  • Check out my Etsy favs - lotusyarns
  • Gift card from Title 9 or Sahalie
  • Button up shirts (for post-op wearings)
  • Eye pillow 
  • Head scarves - the funkier the better!
  • Lap quilts - if you're local, consider checking out my stash. I have lots of awesome fabric I won't be able to use for a while! If you're not local, feel free to ask me about favorite fabric collections and color schemes
  • Knit me something - hat, shawl, sweater, mitts – look through my queue on Ravelry (and in my stash if you’re local; I’d love it if you used some of my yarn since I kind of have an embarrassment of riches in that department. don't judge.) 
  • Yarn - Wollmeise, Bugga, LSG dyers, mini skeins for puffs, Shelter (enough for a sweater - 9-10 skeins). Do I *need* yarn? Gods, no. But if it would make you feel good to send me some, then carry on. 
  • I'd loooooove puffs for my very slow going hexipuff blanket too!
  • Massage gift certs - Kim at Lotus Sun
  • Mani/Pedi gift certs - come with me! 
  • Lush stuff – Dream Cream lotion, body washes, lip balms 
  • OPI nail polish 
  • Lotion - Bert's Bees and Kiss My Face are both awesome

If you’d like to do something else:

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