Friday, November 11, 2011

...and we're back!

My trip to London was awesome and amazing.  I'm so glad I went!  If you'd like to see pictures, my Flickr album is here. Forgive my derp face. The sights are worth it though.

The surgery is the 17th (Thursday) and I have pre-op appointments with my surgeon, the hospital, and the plastic surgeon on the 14th (Monday). I'm not looking forward to any of these, but alas, they come next week anyway.

For those of you asking about helping out, the Lotsa Helping Hands site is up and has a calendar function with meal sign ups for now. We'll add chemo dates when I know them, in case you want to join me for IV fun times!  The wish list is linked there too, along with Carrie's Paypal (carrie.coker AT for anyone who would like to donate to purchase meals or medical expenses/leave, etc.  All the offers of help have been really touching, and I'm so honored to have such wonderful friends!

I'll update again after all the Monday appointments, as I'm sure they'll be fascinating and full of Sharpie marks on my chest.  Woo!

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  1. So much love to you. Many gentle hugs coming your way!