Thursday, December 15, 2011

Small Victories

Today marks four weeks out from surgery!  I'm so glad to be mobile again.  The drains are out, I can drive, and I traded in my car for my consolation prize:

Aww yeah.  I really want a 'fuck you, cancer' bumper sticker for the back, if for no other reason than people don't think I'm rich and snobby.  I still have pink hair!  I still wear my Vans!  Don't judge me!

This week's round of appointments have all been filled with good news. The breast surgeon says I look great and he only wants to see me one more time in February to make sure I'm healing and my range of motion have returned. The plastic surgeon has started pumping up my expanders and also says that things look as they should (though quite frankly, the girls are a little lumpy at half mast right now, though the p.s. swears it will get better!). Finally, I met with the oncologist, who had the best news yet.  She says I may be able to skip the hard core chemo (AC and Taxol) and do the intermediate grade chemo (TC) instead! I'd be done in 12 weeks instead of 16 or 20!  The cancer center sent off my tumor samples to be tested for recurrence, so I'll know officially when those results come back next week. Regardless, chemo starts December 28th, and I hope to have a schedule the day before that.

Small victories is the stuff unicorn farts are made of!  True story.


  1. Thinking good thoughts for you as you start chemo! Fuck cancer... fuck it in its ear! XOXOXO

    Wishing you nothing but continued happiness and good health for 2012.